The Fukushima prefecture which is famous for sake proudly dedicates the 11 local brews of sake to the serious drinkers!


A while ago, the Japanese specialist sake competition, called the “Sake Competition 2014” was held.
Among all the Japan breweries ( 280 breweries and 856 examples of sake), the Fukushima breweries were winners of prizes in 3 categories among the 5.
Out of 3 categories, The Fukushima prefecture came 1st in 2 of them.
As it shows, the Fukushima prefecture is as famous for sake as anywhere in Japan.

Here are the local fine sakes which the Fukushima prefecture is proud of!
The serious drinkers mustn’t miss them!


The 11 local types of sake which the Fukushima prefecture is so proud of.


1. Sharaku


It prominently came 1st in the Jun-mai-shu (The ingredients are just about 60% of polished rice, morethan 15% of malted rice and the addition of cooking ethanol.) as well as Jun-mai Ginjo-shu (The fermentation for more than 30 days under a low temperature.) category.
The characteristic of this sake is the fruity sweetness like peaches.
Among the connoisseurs, leaving it for 2 days after opening is the best time for the taste, as it tastes more mellow.
This is one of the excellent sakes which is recommended to a wide range of drinkers, from the beginners to the mature drinkers.

Miyaizumi-meijo Co. Ltd.


2. Hiroki


The characteristic of this sake is that it has a smooth taste with a mild sourness and a soft sweetness.
Instantly after drinking it, you feel the smoothness going down into your stomach.
Even if Japanese sake is not your cup of tea, you can say, “It’s nice.” without objecting.
As only the limited number of bottles are manufactured, sometimes, they are sold at 5 times more expensive than the fixed price in the internet-shops.
At the sake shops, they are always in short supply.

The Hiroki head Brewery

3. Issho-seishun


Abolishing the Toji-system (the system of supervising brewing sake, by appointing a person who is responsible for brewing sake), “Issho-seishun” was manufactured by all workers themselves and got its name from their enthusiasm to the fresh start.
As the name shows, the “Issho-seishun” originated, under the challenging spirit of youthful
It came 6th in the Jun-mai-shu category in the “Sake Competition 2014”.
The dry and sharp taste made the connoisseurs nod their approval.

The Akebono Brewery


4. Abukuma


It came 10th in the Junmai-Ginjo category in the “Sake Competiton 2014”.
The Abukuma has been brewed under both the president and the skilful Toji (responsible person).
Among the brewery-world, usually, a president and a Toji are different persons, so it is a unique style.
They stick to their special style and you will be surprised by the strong taste following the mildness of the first taste.
It can be one dish during a meal.

Genba Inc.


5. Nagura-yama


It came 10th among the Free Style Under 5000 category in the “Sake Competition 2014”.
This is one of the consistent excellent sakes with the golden prize for 17 years in the series of the Tohoku Fair.
Nagura-yama brewery has its theme, “the authentic taste = the clean sweetness”, to practise.
The elegant sweetness is its characteristic.
It is the compilation of the experienced skilful brewers.

Nagura-yama Brewery Co. Ltd.


6. Hirotogawa


It is the Fukushima prefecture’s proud local sake which came 1st in the Free Style category in the “Sake Competiton 2014”.
It has been brewed with the same manufacturing process since its establishment in the 25th year of the Meiji-era.
Its sharp taste is easy to drink without being tiresome. In the area surrounded by an abundance of nature, the brewing, using the natural water makes it so organic.
When it is poured, it gives out a gorgeous fragrance.
There is no doubt that you will be enthralled by the fragrance and the deep taste.

Matsuzaki Brewery


7. Daishichi


Daishichi brewery is one of the breweries with long and honourable histories since its establishment in 1752 ( the 2nd year of the Horeki-era).It has stuck to the traditional brewing method, “Kimoto-tsukuri”(the original method of brewing sake) and followed the
unforgettable taste.
It doesn’t have any irritating sensation when you drink it and the profound taste as well as the mild sweetness are well matched.

Daishichi Brewery


8. Kokken


Since its establishment in the 10th year of the Meiji-era, in Oku-aizu with its abundant nature,
it has been brewed with the ingredients such as rice, water, malted rice and yeast which were all carefully selected.
It has a lot of winning history in all the Japan New Sake Fairs.
Especially, the raw material, the rice’s quality is strictly selected and the 55% which shows the quality of the rice (national average is 66%) is evidence of this.
Drinking it in a room temperature or in a lukewarm temperature gives you the best taste of sharpness.

Kokken Brewery


9. Oku-no-matsu


The Oku-no-matsu brewery has a long history as a brewery, taking after the Echigo (present Niigata prefecture) -style since 290 years ago.
Its plain and light taste is suitable for the starter of a meal.
It is relatively reasonable in price.

Oku-no-matsu Brewery


10. Tenmei


The Akebono brewery has become well-known after the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake, as heart-shaped labels were put on the bottles, praying for the reconstruction of the region.
This is the series of Tenmei which the Akebono brewery manufactured.
It tastes gentle and mild as if the warm-hearted manufacturers’ human nature is reflected in their sake.
People who are not used to this sake can drink it over and over.

Akebono Brewery


11. Kinsuisho-Dai-kinjo


This Dai-kinjo was brewed at the only brewery, the Kinsuisho in the Fukushima-city.
In the Matsukawa-cho(town) in the Fukushima-city where the Kinsuisho brewery is sited, the gold mine used to exist.
The sake has been brewed, using the good water from the “Suisho(crystal)-sawa(mountain stream) where the water from the gold mine mountains gushes in.
(The excellent water from the “Suisho-sawa was presented to the Meiji Emperor who visited the Fukushima-city.)
The best rice, “Yamada-nishiki” polished to less than 40% is used.
It is manufactured, using a lot of time and labour with self-less endeavour and spirit.
The characteristics of this sake are a little bitterness and the special fruity fragrance.
It is an excellent sake from the Fukushima prefecture which gives you a sense of stability.

Kinsuisho Brewery



This is the collection of the types of sake from the Fukushima prefecture which is the best sake brewing place in Japan.
Have you found your favourite?
I would be glad if you tried the Fukushima prefecture’s proud local sake, taking advantage of this opportunity.